About Me

My name is Jacob Appleton and I am an Australian born software developer living the dream in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

As a software developer I'm passionate about writing quality software. I'm a self-described automated testing and continuous everything evangelist.

My biggest passion, however, when it comes to software development, is learning new things. This is why being a software developer is the best job in the world!

I started this blog to start learning out in the open, which I believe has many benefits, least of which being:

  • I now have a resource that chronicles what I was thinking while I was working on things and solving problems.
  • Other people can learn from the mistakes I make, so they don't have to make them again.
  • Doing things in public tends to keep one honest, and with an audience, one is more likely to keep doing things.

This blog is built using Jekyll and Github Pages. You can view the source for this blog at my Github page

A special thanks to Minddust who has a great post on creating tags in Jekyll in Github pages which I've used for this blog. Check it out here

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